Living City Ventures is a boutique placemaking firm delivering intelligent strategy and curated vision for property owners, place-based businesses, merchant associations, towns and special districts. We aim to support our clients in developing, communicating, and strategically utilizing public private financing tools, specialty placemaking programs, and utilizing data solutions that foster thriving communities.

What Drives Us?

“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”

-Jane Jacobs

Cities are more than the streets, the buildings and the businesses that occupy them. Cities are about people. Living City Ventures was founded to support cities, special districts, real estate developers and place based businesses, ensuring that people remain central to creating great places.

We are guided by an ethos of stewardship, providing advisory and representational services to our clients so that we can build better places and create a strong foundation for the success of brick and mortar businesses.

Our value lies in supporting projects and programs that define the relationship between the built environment and the people that it serves, specializing in urban and infill areas. We provide nimble services to support the unique needs of every site owner, business, town and special district, and aim to close the waning gap between developers, local officials, neighbors and other interested parties to a project or development.