At Living City Ventures, we help the private sector use public tools to achieve community goals.

Our firm specializes in alignment of incentive and alternative capital strategies with commercial real estate and community enhancing tenants, focusing on collaboration with major property owners, developers, and primary employers. We expertly match incentives and alternative capital sources to the specific needs of real estate properties, their tenants, and owners. This targeted approach not only facilitates optimal property development, driving occupancy, but also enhances the economic landscape by supporting key sectors. By integrating comprehensive incentive plans with real estate objectives, we help create thriving environments that benefit all involved parties.

Ultimately, our efforts drive placemaking and achieve economic development goals by helping the private sector better align with public tools.


Living City Ventures excels in providing advisory services that navigate the complexities and nuances of public-private financing structures and alternative capital sources for development and value-add clients, as well as navigational tools for companies seeking incentives related to community investment and job creation. We leverage our deep industry connections and a comprehensive understanding of business and development incentives to craft strategies that align with governmental frameworks and private sector goals. This specialization enables us to facilitate enhanced cooperation between various stakeholders, ensuring that our clients benefit from optimal financing solutions, and add value through incentive packages that collectively drive project success, community & economic development.

  • Site Readiness Assessments
  • Incentive Strategy
  • Government Affairs and Project Representation
  • Entitlement Management
  • Relocation and expansion strategy for primary employers
  • Tax Increment Financing
  • Urban Renewal
  • Grant Writing

We offer specialized commercial real estate services to buyers, sellers, and developers of various property types, including land, value- add and adaptive re-use, mixed-use, retail and multi-family assets through our partner Sherpa Commercial Real Estate. Our approach enhances the real estate transaction process by integrating rigorous project management strategies combined with seasoned market insights. This method not only streamlines the management of your property listings and acquisition activity, but also focuses on development practices that prioritize the end user’s experience. This strategic emphasis ensures that both leasing effectiveness and the long-term value of your investments are maximized.

Our unique approach delivers an elevated buying and selling experience, orchestrated with a project management approach central to the end user experience as the primary driver of lease and terminal value.